Saturday, 17 July 2010


hey we played a couple of festivals in Norway what happened, I'll tell you what happened

Thursday 15th july - Trondheim Jordunnst Festival
We woke up early, Mike's mother was driving us to the airport on the drive I was very tired and I couldnt stop myself from talking it is a common occurance when I'm tired and hungover i came up with a plan for a shop hiding as another shop the first one was a Rymans that sold sandwiches but there would be no menu or anything it would be exactly like any Rymans but all the staionary would have a different number so if you wanted to buy an adress book you wouldnt be able to youd only be able to buy an egg mayo sandwich i though of also a pizzaria hiding as a launderette and the pizza would be served on your unwashed clothes.

we got to the airtport and hit the air slept and arrived within the first 5 minutes of getting in the airport cops took us to one side as a sniffer dog had smelt something on us (which of course we diddnt have) and then they took us to a back room and interegatted us and made us undress and spread against the wall this is the first time any of us have undressed infront of men and we found it odd and unpleasant but once they found out we were good boys we left and went and met rolf who was driving us to the festival we got dropped off at the apartment we were being put up in and hung out for a bit then off we trotted to the festival we had some fish and potatos and began drinking people from the other bands (who were mainly metal bands) proceeded to come up and talk to us one told us he was heavily affiliated with the jam scene this was not our bag so we decided to go watch a band. I diddnt know who the band was but crikey were they frightning all dressed up in black with their hair flowwing down what a spooky look they looked like real life monsters.

then it was our time to play which was allright we played ok we came off and i talked to a kid who was tottally mugged on boffins who was finding it very hard to tell me he liked our band and kept saying "i knew you before the festival" mike came up and his attention went to him so i ran off. after that we went back to sleep as we had to wake up at 4am but sleeping was very hard as it doesent ever get dark in the summer in norway and in the winter it is dark all day and night so me and mike had a big freak out about it but we ended up getting at least 1 hours sleep.

Wednesday 16th July - Tromso Bukta festival

again we flew and got into tromso by about 11 we were picked up by hannah who had the lovely job of looking after us for the day and she took us to the hotel I had my own room and Mike and Darkus had to share it felt like we were I was Johnny Borrel and Mike and Darkus were some other plebs from Razorlight (of course this is not actually the case we are all equals unlike cunt bands like Razorlight) so I went and had a shower then joined Mike and Lou in there room where we watched Dynasty and Paris Hilton's new best friend as we had nothing to do until 4:30 we decided to go to the hotel bar where we met Nick Oliveri from Queens Of The Stone Age and talked about how the beer tasted like fish Mike played a big white grand piano in the Lobby i think he played the tetris theme but I cant remember. Quite boozed up we hit the restaraunt for our slap up paid for 3 course dinner which i cant remember much about as we had a bit of an argument but all was resolved by the end of dinner. our chaperone for the day hannah came and picked us up at the end of dinner to take us to the festival where we had a trailer (snazzy stuff for us right?) but before we knew it we had to play we got to the stage played another average set and got back to the trailer and saw if we could all put grapes up our nose which we could. then Mike and I went back to the hotel had a chat then went our seperate ways I watched a film with tom cruise in which wasent Top Gun and drank some gin then conked out. I dont know what Darkus did for the rest of the night.

Mike should have some photos up soon
thanks Norway it was fun

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Some Shows And Photos

We announced some shows in the states about a month ago but did you think that was it, no no friends
Sat Sept 04 - Fuck Yeah Fest - Los Angeles, CA
Sun Sept 05 - Soho Restaurant and Music with Man Man - Santa Barbara, CA
Mon Sept 06 - Great American Music Hall with Man Man - San Fransisco, CA
Wed Sept 08 - Neumos with Man Man - Seattle WA
Thurs Sept 09 - Rickshaw Theatre with Man Man - Vancouver BC
Fri Sept 10 - Music Fest NW - Portland OR
Fri Sept 17 - 9:30 Club with Superchunk - Washington DC
Sat Sept 18 - Bowery Ballroom with Superchunk New York NY

Also i forgot to announce these 2 festivals we are doing in Norway this week
Thursday July 15 Jorddunst Festival - Fr√łya Norway
Friday July 16 - Bukta Open Air Festival - Trommso Norway

come down I know Thursday is with Sham 69 which should be punkerrific
and Friday will be with Dinosaur Jr which will be good

i got some photos of us in the states from our tour manager hoppie's blog so check it out: