Monday, 30 August 2010

Help Us Out!

Hey Friends,
hope you are all well.
We need your help with floors to sleep on at the following dates:

5th September - Santa Barbra, CA - Soho Restaraunt and Music
6th September - San Franscisco, CA - American Music Hall
8th September - Seattle, WA - Neumos
9th September - Vancouver, BC - Rickshaw Theatre
10th September - Portland, OR - Music Fest North West
17th September - Washington DC - 9:30 club

5th to the 10th is with Man Man the 17th is with Superchunk if you or are a friend has a floor to sleep on and wants to see us, Man Man or Superchunk let us know as we will hit you up with some guest list in exchange for floor space there will be 5 of us apart from The DC show where there will be only 4
any help would be greatly appreciated

we also need to borrow a drum kit for San Fransisco and Vancouver if anyone would like to lend us a kit we will also give you guest list (I'm sorry we dont have much to give if you like the look of one of us maybe some sexual intercourse maybe a good deal?)

anything would be greatly appreiciated if this seems like something youd like to help us out with e-mail us at

I will leave you with this its my favourite song at the moment ive listened to it over 10 times today you may remember it being used in Seinfeld whilst Kramer and Newman makes Sausages I diddnt want you to think we were all taking and no giving!

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Let's Wrestle Cover Maxwell's Silver Hammer

Ive been listening to a lot of McCartney Solo albums today (Ram is the best album of all time) and also finished my book "The Paul McCartney Story" so I wanted to put up our cover of "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" from a Mojo Cover Mount CD, I hope you kids like it, this guy didn't, I think he thought we were a Prog band because of our King Crimson referencing album name:

"I have praised this CD to no end, but my complaints have to start here. Notorious as a lapse of taste in the Beatles catologue, Let's Wrestle managed to "wrestle" all the charm out of this incidental classic. It's blank, phoned in and involves little to no talent. A shame. I had such high hopes for a group who named their album "In the Court of the Wrestle Let's.""

Friday, 20 August 2010


We just signed to the label Full Time Hobby and they are re releasing our first album with a disc of the early singles and the EP as well as 2 new songs "Getting Rest" and "When I Was In Hospital" both written after the albums release the full tracklist is here

CD 1
1. My Arms Don’t Bend that Way, Damn It!
2. I’m in Love With Destruction
3. Tanks
4. My Eyes Are Bleeding (Interlude)
5. My Schedule
6. We Are the Men You’ll Grow to Love Soon
7. In Dreams
8. Atlantis (Interlude)
9. Song for Old People
10. I Won’t Lie to You
11. Diana’s Hair
12. I’m in Fighting Mode
13. Insects
14. It’s Not Going to Happen
15. Waltz (Interlude)
16. In the Court of the Wrestling Let’s

CD 2
1. Song For Abba Tribute record
2. Quazar Blues
3. I Wish I Was In Husker Du
4. I Won’t Lie To You
5. I’m OK You’re OK
6. Song For Man With Pica Syndrome
7. Insects (EP version)
8. Music Is My Girlfriend
9. Joe Reddington, You’ll Be The Death Of Me
10. I’m In Fighting Mode
11. Let’s Wrestle
12. Getting Rest
13. When I was in Hospital

This Will Released on November the 2ndIf you cant wait for November The 2nd A Split 7" will be coming out on Tough Love Records the split is with our friend Young Governor his song is "Old Hat" and Let's Wrestles is "Crushing Nerves" and this should be coming out in October

anyways we are off to record the 2nd album next month after we've toured the west coast ill hit you with the dates once more
4 Los Angeles CA
FYF Festw/ Man Man
5 Santa Barbara CA
Club Mercy Presents
6 San Francisco CA
Great American Music Hall
8 Seattle WA
9 Vancouver BC
Rickshaw Theatre
10 Portland OR
17 Washington

9:30 Clubw/ Superchunk & Tommy Keene
18 New York NY
Bowery Ballroomw/ Superchunk

And we shall be back playing in the UK and Europe which we havent done for a while in November so get ready only a bit longer to wait
Let's Wrestle