Friday, 14 May 2010

Washington DC and Chapel Hill, NC

Yo I cant remember how the drive from Philadelphia was I think I was either pissed off or asleep but once we got in we found we had some precious time to do what we wanted so we did the tourist thing and went to see the White house which was cool though we didn't see any agents in the bushes, then we saw the big pointy monument thats in all the films (I can't remember what its called or why its there but whatever, Like I Care?) Cool, Great Smashing on we went to the Lincoln Memorial which was cool he was Massive and Me and Darkus also got recognised which was pretty surreal but cool all the same. After big Abe we went to the Vietnam Memorial and mike struck up a conversation with the right wing woman who was telling everyone about the war, who started asking us about weather we had served and how it was going in England with the war on terror. I think thats when we headed off to the venue which seemed like a cool place we helped Quasi load in and ate some Nachos with them to be honest the show was pretty eventful and we played and it was all right people were there and stuff, That night we couldn't watch Thee Quasi as we had to get back to our American hometown; Chapel Hill. So after we played we went to get some food for Hoppie and Darkus and me a Chocolate Milkshake then off we went for an all night drive me and Darkus slept through most of the journey but Mike stayed up with Hoppie listening to Barack Obama's Autobiography.

 When I awoke I was in Hoppie's  ranch house we spent that day doing nothing as it was a day off so just hung out and watched some TV.  The next day we did some recording with Hoppie's room mate Nick who has a studio in the house, Janet and Joanna Quasi came round for a cup of tea and then we got ready to go to the show we decided to just wear our lounge wear Darkus wore the pink onesy. I just looked like Harry Nillson on the cover of Nillson Schmillson and Mike wore his Kimono and we were ready to rock we sound checked. Laura and Lindsey from Merge came down to take us out for some chinese food we went down and ordered the Jellyfish and Pigs Ear with some stuff that was more paletable. After Dinner we got back played a rock out show and had a beer or two with El Mergerinos and then went home to bed. next stop Atlanta, GA 

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