Thursday, 29 April 2010

New York and Philly

Yo Folks we hit New york at about 5pm after dinner at Hooters and what did we do well Darkus went for a shit and then me and mike talked to this really annoying australian hippy douche bag telling us about his band signing to warners but nobody really wanted to do it with him anymore tough luck, Wanker! so then we hung out where we were staying at Hoppie's friend Laurens apartment in greenwich village and then walked the dog, then walked ourselves and came back for a sweet 40's and then had a debate as to what was better pop music or classical. Mike was on the classical side I off course was all about the pop questions like whos better Wagner or Elliott Smith which couldnt ever be resolved because they are completely different and then we went to sleep. The next day we got up and went to do an interview with John Norris AKA ex MTV news dude which was cool just basicly had a beer and awnswered questions. We were then supposed to meet Barack Obama (We heard he was eating at Katz's Diner) but we missed him by 10 minutes then off we trotted to the Bowery Ballroom where we were playing we soundchecked and then went for some dinner at some whole foods supermarket, had some wild pasta and ran into Katy and Ali from the Vivian Girls so we waved and talked about how they were moving to LA so we said goodbye and went back to the Bowery and played, hung out and watched Quasi then met some people from the show outside and chatted to them with some weird dude from Peru.

This is all i really remember I had a few beers and got all angry and ended up having to be taken home.

The next day I read The Elephant Man which was good fun I have a lot of time for John Merrick and then we headed off to Philly, we listened to On The Road by Jack Kerouac on audiobook in the car and got into town it was a pretty snazzy looking venue It was Sam Quasi's birthday too so we hung out and diddnt really do much Janet Quasi wrote our set list and we went on and it was a fun show we then watched quasi and came on to sing happy birthday to Sam with Quasi

We stayed with Janet's friend Ryan from a band called Man Man we stayed up for a few beers then hit the hay

the next morning we went to get Philly Cheese Steaks (which you had to order just saying wiz wit) and some Ice water then hit the road Onwards to DC!

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Do The Feedback said...

Hey, this is Matt from SF. Happy we could give you kids a place to stay and that you were all so cewl. Don't be strangers now!

Matt, Brent, Julie and Alexis (Ricki Lake).
xoxo, 4eva.

P.S. We were at a bizarre bar tonight, drunk off our asses and you guys came on the radio. You're famous!