Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Let's Wrestle Cover Maxwell's Silver Hammer

Ive been listening to a lot of McCartney Solo albums today (Ram is the best album of all time) and also finished my book "The Paul McCartney Story" so I wanted to put up our cover of "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" from a Mojo Cover Mount CD, I hope you kids like it, this guy didn't, I think he thought we were a Prog band because of our King Crimson referencing album name:

"I have praised this CD to no end, but my complaints have to start here. Notorious as a lapse of taste in the Beatles catologue, Let's Wrestle managed to "wrestle" all the charm out of this incidental classic. It's blank, phoned in and involves little to no talent. A shame. I had such high hopes for a group who named their album "In the Court of the Wrestle Let's.""

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