Thursday, 9 September 2010

San Francisco and our travel day

Howdy We played in San Francisco and Seattle here's how it went:
we left Santa Barbara in the morning only to drive up to wine country for breakfast. Breakfast was good but we had one hell of an arse hole for a waitress I got very angry she did not get a tip!!! We carried on driving and picked up some strings (I cant remember anything else I may have been asleep) until we got to San Francisco. We arrived at the American Music Hall, which was a really beautiful venue, I had some tofu and noodles and changed my strings. We drank some Coca Cola and talked about fighting and other things, then Kablamy we were on we rocked the house it ACTUALLY shook people cried and developed blister on their ears. after the show we tried to get a couple who had been kicked out back in, which diddnt work, and talked to the doorman because he was english. a charity worker asking for money did not understand that we had no money and talked to us for about 30 minutes, after we went to the hotel and slept it up.

the next day we had a travel day and were on our way to Coos Bay, Oregon where Hoppie grew up, to stay with his parents. we drove for a while and stopped off in Hopland, CA for some breakfast in the bluebird cafe we ate under a Mooses head and had some jolly japes. off we trotted we drove for hours until we came to one of our favourite american tourist atractions the Drive Thru Tree I even have a t-shirt from our last visit that hoppie bought me. the tree was great, as usual, we stayed in the gift shop for a while and talked about the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. We drove for another 5 minutes until we saw Confusion Hill so we went in there and checked out the 'Gravity House' which was just a house on a hill but you stand on a slant. we drove for hours and hours more until we got to Hoppie's parents house who had cooked us a nice meal and his dad showed his awesome old typewriters from the 1900's. After dinner we went to the Motel Hoppies parents had generously got for us, we decided to make a video for our latest US digital single 'Getting Rest' but then diddnt bother and just drank gin and watched 'Roseanne' and 'Fraiser' on TV and went to beddy byes.

Ill let you know about Seattle and Vancouver tomorrow


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