Sunday, 5 September 2010

whassup, so we are back in the states we flew in to LA 2 days ago the first thing we noticed was that they had lost my bag with my guitar pedals, computer and portable 4 track which really freaked me out but we had to get on with everything and wait for them to find the bag, we drove up to our hotel with our Tour Manager Hoppie (you may remember his name from the last set of blogs) we sat around and ate some tacos and then we met with our friend Ben Ransley (who has done all our videos) who had been travelling through mexico so we are gonna take him round the US from here. not much else happened we watched some TV and did some sleeping really.

The next morning we got up we were playing Fuck Yeah Fest with a bunch of cool bands we went and got breakfast and got ready for soundcheck sorted out our merch and setlist and rocked out (we were one of the first on of the day) we were suprised how well the show went after not rehersing any 'court of...' songs for a month or two and we got to see our buddies Titus Andronicus backstage only briefly but we met up with them later anyway. we did an interview, complained about the heat, had some food and rum, hung out with our buddies Titus. then had another interview with a web thing called 15 on 15 the whole get up of this thing made me fucking sick, the girl eloise who interviewed us (who was 15) seemed very pleasant but the guy filming was an absolute prick, a complete wanker for instance the girl said something about how she diddnt like Paul McCartney and mike as a joke said "well youve really hurt my feelings now" or something like that and this total fuck wad says "Rule 1 dont upset the band and if you do go down in flames, well done Mike i liked that. It is hard to explain why this interview was so horrific.

we hung out a bit longer then hit the road back to our hotel, we got some beers and tried to watch TV but the television was not working so us 3 and our friend Ben decided to strip down to our pants and phone the repair guy to come fix it while we were almost nude. we waited half an hour uncomfortably then decided to put our clothes on and undress while he is fixing it which seemed a lot funnier so we waited and he came we got undressed it was a riot he seemed pretty OK about the situation. we then went swimming and tried to come up with a syncronized swimming routine with moves such as "Drown Like An Angel" and "Link Like Lovers" it was pretty fun. afterwards me and Ben watched the programme "going postal: the 15 most extreme acts of violence" (ben had been to one of the crime scenes). Mike and Lou played on computers whilst i went to slumber town.

Santa Barbara tomorrow!

dont forget we need some help with floor space for sleeping we have Santa Barbara and DC set but anywhere else you could help us with would be grand.

i'll hit you up with an LA playlist
Randy Newman - I Love LA
Weezer - Beverly Hills
Pavement - Range Life
Black Black - The Most! The Best! The Greatest! Forever!
Circle Jerks - Group Sex
Beach Boys - Disney Girls
Best Coast - Boyfriend
The Beatles - Act Naturally


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