Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Santa Barbara

we hit the road from LA quite late as we went to drive around and went for dinner in some weird groucho marx themed International House Of Pancakes. We drove around and took a long way out of the City going through Beverly Hills 90210, Rodeo Drive and all the rich places with all the movie stars, We got caught in traffic in Malibu and listened to Mel Gibson's horrible phone conversations with his girlfriend, It seemed fitting for the area. off we popped down to Santa Barbara we got in said hello to Man Man and soundchecked, this is where we first started having problems with Mike Lightning's bass, which since he got it has caused us nothing but trouble but this prolonged the soundcheck for an extra half hour.

we sat backstage and had a brewski or two. I made merch man Ben a tip jar out of a bit of cardbord and some tape, and a price list with a pretty picture on it. We played another suprisingly good show and proceeded to drink G and T's and generally make merry, apart from mike who went to read his book about Chairman Mao. Darkus got talking to a group of foreigners as we are now foreigners too. we left and got to the house we were staying in, a girl called Beth put us up which was very nice it was a fucking awesome house it was huge. So then we slept.

playlist for today:
Malibu - Hole
I Saw The Light - Todd Rundgren
Pretty Woman - Roy Orbison
Mel Gibson's Dispicable Behavior (lasts half an hour so no need for any more songs)

-Let's Wrestle

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