Friday, 26 March 2010


we woke up in El Paso o go get some Breakfast. We had some Fruity Loops which sucked so i just had a Boiled Egg and Cream Cheese bagel. I went up to sleep some more but Mike and Darkus went to Wal Mart to buy some swimming trunks and play with some shot guns. Then they went swimming, I had a shower and said it was the same thing but we all knew that was not the case. We hit the road for another epic journey to Arizona via New Mexico, we went and got some breakfast for our tour manager Hoppie at burger time, he had a burrito and mike had a medium coke. It was the suckiest drive thru i have ever seen. We drove through the desert for hours and theres not much to say about that apart from mike went pretty wild about some big Arse mountains and the Union Pacific "the most famous train in the world" (Has he not heard of the Hogwarts express). Once in Arizona all we could see was cactai and we were nutting ourselves off on them. We did our first touristy thing and went to see Texas Canyon, Ive Never heard of it, no offence canyon, no biggy. We stopped off again at a gift shop full off ratlesnake belts and Bison heads they also had a pocahauntis action figure. We then saw the biggest cactus ever it was bigger than all of our mums standing on each other's shoulders. Once We Got to the show it was in a weird american indian themed shopping complex which had a british pub so we went in and told them what was wrong with their establishment and had an awful cup of tea where mike and the barmaid got a little heated about the state of her tea making skills. we played the show and it seemed to go allright so we stuck around and watched Titus and went over to the house of Keith and Co. some very nice guys who had offered us a floor to sleep on so we drank some beers and rocked off on sleep dust.

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