Monday, 22 March 2010

Yo whats up we have been having some wild fun today 10 hour drive to El Paso from Austin I woke up hungover as Me, Darkus and Rita (our good friend and new member of the Let's Wrestle road crew as head Merchandise sales woman) spent the night hanging out with our old tour buddies Fucked Up watching Andrew WK, Real Estate, The Bitters and of course Fucked up, so we got up at 8 and hit the road sleeping the first few hours off then had Corn Dogs for breakfast, we went through a drive threw ATM, a town called London and a Sonics drive in burger joint (Mike told us they would be on roller skates but they werent it sucked hard) after 10 hours we finnally got to our hotel and watched A Minute To Win It which rocks its a show where people have to lift sweets into there mouth using a pencil attached to string that gets pulled up by the ears like a pulley to win some big hard cash.

we had some spaghetti at the show and had a chat with Titus and then got to rocking we played well but sxsw had blown my voice and mike had a cold so it wasent as good as it could be so we left early to rest up so went home. off to Arizona today.

texas desert rock:

Thirteen - Big Star

The Accidental Texas Who - Robert Pollard

Fire Engine - 13th Floor Elevators

Sweet Loaf - Butthole Surfers

Story Of An Artist - Daniel Johnston

Texas Chainsaw Masacre - Ramones

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