Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Visalia, CA

Howdy, Visalia was a weird show not bad but weird we were playing in what effectivly was a Resteraunt, they gave us a wild selection of beers though and some food which came exceptionally late i waited 2 hours for a sandwich. Before we Played I taped my face up in a homage to Patrick Andronicus's Beard and ended up tripping up onstage with this ridiculous gaffa tape mask on and really bust up my leg, So We Played and it wasent the best ever but still it was allright. I got in a conversation outside with this woman and I was telling her about these T-Shirts in England we couldnt bring over because it was a ciggarette packet with Fags: Let's Wrestle Kill People written on it as in the warning on ciggarette boxes and she kindly explained that they wouldve been fine to take over because though "Gay People are Fine Fags are just Wrong". I am Endlessly amazed by these people (by that I do not mean Americans I mean the right wing) they are insane! Paul the promoter and genuinly lovely guy put us and Titus up for the night and it was good to hang out with those dudes we all watched some cult german pornography together it was some fantastic bonding!
anyway the next post will be Sacramento!

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