Friday, 26 March 2010


yo back again to tell you about LA. the drive on the way in was great we saw the big T-Rex from Pee Wee's Big Adventure.We got in very excited and listening to I Love LA by Randy Newman and California by Phantom Planet. we got to Silverlake where we were playing and set up. Mike and Patrick From Titus did a lovely Phantom Planet Piano Duet and we went off to the hotel we were staying in to check in we were rocking off on the fact that it was on Hollywood Boulevard and you could see the Hollywood sign from our hotel. We went back to the venue with Hoppie's friend John who is a coach in teaching guys how to chat up girls (he looks like Rod Stewart) and our friend Matthew was at the venue it was very nice to see an Englishman. So we played which was good fun rocked out pretty hard. we got a bunch of beers and went back to the hotel we planned on going and seeing all the sights but we just drank some and passed out. The next morning we woke up and went out and did what we planned on doing the night before. first we saw the walk of fame (star pavement) my fame my favourite was Crosby Stills and Nash! Then saw the chinese theatre and the Capitol Records Building and finally to Ameoba (Record Store) to pick up some sides and I ended up having a mini breakdown because mike told me to hurry up. we went back to change in some trunks to go to Long Beach and got on the train it took like a week to get there! FACT: Long Beach SUCKS Let's Wrestle have no time for it whatsoever. We went back to change as we were going out to party in Hollywood with sexpert John. We got to his Hollywood Pad and did some confidence building chants and hit the road this party was like something out of the OC everybody looked like Axl Rose or somebody who had slept with Axl Rose the band playing were an amalgamation of Motley Crue and Soft Cell with naked girls with helmets on. I ended up leaving as it was too much for me I felt very out of place but from what i gather Mike felt up a Valley Girl and there were big cocaine parties in the toilet. The Next day we were ready to bid farewell to LA. roll on San Louis Obispo

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