Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Sacramento and San Fransisco, CA

Whats Up, Sacramento was a pretty laid back show we played a pizza place which was cool we had fun we met the dudes from Ganglians who put us up so we had a few beers and listened to The Replacements, but it wasn't the best or the worst show kind of the middle. we headed out to San Fransisco which didn't take long and went to the Haight Ashbury and hung out looked at some records I bought Jackie De Shannon which got my pretty excited. we planned on trading our guitars in for new ones but then thought again. Once we got to the venue it was evident there would be problems as Patrick From Titus Andronicus (A wise and calm Crass Loving Beard Weilding Uber Dude) was freaking out at the problems with sound as nobody was letting anybody turn anything up it was the lamest sound we had hit so far and we are a loud band luckily we got through without any major issues but it was such a downer it was hard to get into it.
We cracked open a beer downstage but they were then taken away from us because of our lack of ID so we just watched Seinfeld. We Played We Rocked We Left to go stay with matt and his buddies (one of whom looked very much like Rikki Lake) who treated us very well with Pabst Blue Ribbon, Beds and Breakfast which was exceptionally nice of them.
-Let's Wrestle

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