Sunday, 28 March 2010

San Luis Obispo etc.

I'm going to try and write the blog today, me being Mike Lightning.

So, we left LA happy chaps because we hated it, if we can give any advice to you it would be don't go to LA, but after LA we had a really nice drive. We stopped at one point at a beach for an hour or so, it was like a Beach Boys cover, very awesome. Wes and I washed some rocks and pretended we were the red car and the blue car from the milky way advert. After the beach we strolled up to the venue and hung out on a river, both me and Wes and me and Louis had heart to hearts, it was nice. The gig went well, despite that fact that there were very few people, the crowd went mental. We got introduced to this drink called Four Loco, it caused Wes to get pretty drunk. But we went to this party with these guys we'd just met, it was insane. When I say party, it was really just us, Titus Andronicus and a few other dudes and chicks. But it rocked. We hung out it a sauna and I ended up having a fight with Patrick Andronicus about who's better, the Beatles or the Velvet Underground. I represented the Beatles and the winning side. Wes fell passed out in the garden and, during the fight between me and Patrick, he was just muttering 'I hate Mike' under his breath. He doesn't hate me, don't worry we're not going to split up just yet.

We then had some cool sandwiches and then left, I've done a bad job describing it, but it was totally awesome.
I'll post something up later on dudes.

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