Saturday, 24 April 2010

Back in the USA!!!

So we're back in the USA... we left Canada after eating some naked breakfast and after I had been to the toilet several times, we were on the road to state side! When we got to the border we had little problem crossing, the man seemed friendly enough. We stopped in Vermont to change our money back and met this little lady in a bank called Laura Bean who we were half flirting with half bullying. She gave us lots of $2 notes or bills and sent us on our way. I can't really remember the drive down to Boston as I was asleep for a good part but from what I hear it was nothing special. For the brief moments when I was awake I seem to remember it being very woody and there were 'Moose Crossing' signs posted every few miles.

Driving through Boston pretty uneventful... We were very late to the show due to our hangovers and entertained ourselves by thinking of excuses to tell to Quasi, my favourite was 'Wes' balls were stuck in the seat belt so we had to get the fire brigade'. When we arrived at the show we were instantly reminded about the ridiculously high drinking age which pissed us off. We ate some horrible Turkish food that made me feel sick. Darkus, Wes and Hoppie's were fine looking but mine was like a soft block of clay covered in petit filous yoghurt, it was sickening and, to add insult to injury, the waitress was very rude. The gig was really good and people seemed to be diggin' on it. We were all very tired so packed up and went off to where we were staying pretty quick. This chick had offered us a place to stay with an indeterminable number of room mates or rooms.

In the Morning we started our leisurely drive down the coast and into New York city.

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