Friday, 23 April 2010


first off Toronto. We got into customs expecting a huge deal but this was not the case we sat in a room and talked about the queen for half an hour so off we trotted to Toronto we enjoyed the signs very much they had wonderful crowns on them. We stopped off in London, Ontario which was awesome the Englishness which we have yearned for was quenched (not fully because it still isn't the land of hope and glory) we went and got Fish and Chips and Bangers and Mash and the waitress gave us free HP Sauce which is completely vacant in the states some food we could just about find like Marmite for example but its small differences like the Baked Beans taste sweet like full of sugar Yuck right?! so we had a Pint and our beloved English food then set off for Toronto we drove and we drove and we drove until we were there, Toronto is a wonderful place a very good looking town and had a few more things we hadn't seen in a while such as H and M and French Connection. we sound checked said hey to Quasi and went into Chinatown for a Big Flat Noodle but we managed to go the one bad Chinese place in Chinatown it made me ILL, but we watched this chick eat noodles in a bizarre way and even started filming her as it was so interesting Mike got a lob on about it but it was pretty Gross. so we got back and started partying hard and then playing our show which people seemed to really dig which was cool then we saw our friend Jonah from the band Fucked up and hung out and had some fun with him the rest is kind of a blur but I know we met up with Josh from FU too and had a beer with him and stayed at his place which rocked gotta love those dudes

We headed off the next day ready to rock Montreal nothing much happened on the drive we went to canadian burger joint Harveys which has possible the worst burger logo ever and then we had some poutine (chips/fries with gravy and cheese curd) then picked up some music stuff then boom outta nowhere we turn up in Montreal ready to ROCK we sound checked and then went for a curry (another thing we have missed) then got back and hit the stage and rocked out heavy style after the show Hoppie was trying to chat up the bar maid and we ended up going out for a beer with them they were called Trashy and Dara and we ended up staying at Trashy's place which is possibly the best place I've ever seen she had everything it was where i imagine John Waters would live some amazing new kids on the block bed sheets a huge novelty sunglasses collection and then the best of all was her costumes for dressing her Cat she had a bumblebee costume, a wizard costume, a lobster costume and one to just dress her cat up as some normal dude in a polo shirt and a baseball cap it was wild so we stayed up drinking playing with the cat and then i cant remember much else the last thing we did in montreal the next day on trashy's recomendation was Naked Breakfast which was just a shit cafe with naked chicks serving the food it was pretty cool but the chicks looked like retired strippers kinda old and worn and not very healthy but it was fucking awesome anyways.

We love Canada (photos coming soon)

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