Tuesday, 13 April 2010


howdy the last date Portland was great fun we got in at an allright time enough time for me to go do some serious record shopping at this great store right next to the venue I bought the Grass Widow EP and my "white whale" Margo Guryan's Take A Picture LP which you should listen to Right Now! so I had to get back to the venue for an interview but was very paranoid about this record the whole time during this interview the interview was cool it was with a local dude who seemed really into what we did and seemed to be a genuine music fan (earlier in the day we had an interview in the car which was very unpleasent the journalist seemed tottally vacant and in no fit state to be writing articles) so that was good fun and then we got some jumbalaya and had a beer and played im thinking of a song (where you think of a song and everybody thinks of it too) our friends Jack and Lee came down to hang out we all got pretty merry with Titus as it was our last show with them which was a real shame their record is fantastic and they are well worth seeing live so go! So we played a good show and watched Titus, who made a lovely speech about us which mike nearly cried at and went to Ian Titus's buddies house and all got pretty wrecked and listened to La Roux and then I crashed out so cannot remember anything else

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