Friday, 9 April 2010

Driving and Seattle

so we had a big drive after San Fransisco through the Calafornia redwoods and Oregon we head on out over the golden gate bridge Mike was supposed to film it on Rita's camera but diddnt press the record button but we saw a lot of people pretending to jump off for photo opertunaties. we head on through the big trees of northern Calafornia which were pretty epic and we stopped to go in a drive thru Tree which was pretty cool our tour manager Hoppie got me an awesome t-shirt to remember the glorious tree. we carried on driving into Oregon and we saw some serious rain which helped Home Sickness we hung out with Paul Bunyan and his prize Ox and headed into Roseburg, Oregon to where we were meeting Hoppies parents for some dinner they were lovely people who loved mike's deep rich voice and were very suprised to find out he wasent the singer they even payed for our hotel which was wonderful of them. So we got to the Hotel and went in the hot tub which was the first time I'd ever been in one and I felt I was going to faint so we went to the normal swimming pool and then played with the fitness equipment.

we woke up the next day to head off to Seattle we spent pretty much the whole time listening to Nirvana which I suppose every band does we also listened to some Mudhoney but it was mainly Kurdt! The drive was long and tiring but we finally got in to the home of Starbucks, Microsoft and Grunge. We saw the Space Needle and then got to the venue and played video games with Titus and ate some Vegan sausages (and for a pretty exclusive meat eater i had to say they were excellent) we went onstage and i wore my coat and hat thinking that because we were in a colder part of the country it'd be fine, it wasent and compromised the first half of the show but as always it was no big deal because once i had shed the coat and hat we rocked it was like woah! yeah? We watched Titus play and then watched Mike talk to a lady and head off to our lodgings.

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