Monday, 19 April 2010

Madison and Detroit with Quasi.

Hey Hey, since our last blog update things have been going pretty similarly, we left Minnesota and went to Madison WI, the land of cheese. It was good, we played at this venue called the Annex which had some hot bar maids who made us some sweet sandwiches. The gig went super well except for the fact that Wes broke a string, but that didn't hinder Let's Wrestle. Not in the slightest we kept on rockin'. We stayed at this dude's house who lived near by, he had a room devoted to his records and a big dog that Wesley enjoyed sleeping next to very much. I had a pretty bad nights sleep on the floor so was pretty grouchy the next day that was short lived though. Wesley and I have been having random, daily fights that are always friendly, instead of tearing us apart they bring us closer, sweet really.

This was the day that we were driving up to Detroit. I got pretty excited about lake Michigan that we were driving past, it's the biggest fresh water lake in the world. Wes and Darkus said that I was going on and on and on about lakes which annoyed them slightly, but I was happy in my own little world thinking about lakes. Darkus keeps saying that he 'likes what I say, but doesn't understand any of it' I guess that's a nice thing?

Anywho, we rolled up to the venue in Detroit which was pretty cool, there was a bowling alley and, as a general rule venues that double up as cool recreational things are good by us. We said hi to our new tour buds Quasi and helped them unload their stuff, then whilst they were busy soundchecking we were eating pizza. Hoppie bet me I couldn't eat the whole thing, I did and won a dollar. It was totally awesome.

The gig was really good, we met the people from Firery Furnaces and Jason Lowenstein from Sebadoh (or Sebadude as we were calling him). Hoppie and Louis had a mean bet that I wouldn't talk to these hot chicks before Louis. He won $3 from Hoppie. I did talk to them eventually but I don't really think that the bet was fair. Firstly as soon as they made the bet he ran off to talk them like a Linford Christy and secondly they were butters. Almost enough to make me spew.

So, we all got pretty drunk and went off to this girl's house who lived just outside of Detroit. In the Morning we set off to the most English place we'd been in a month... Canada.

(The internet here isn't too good so we can't upload any pictures... sorry)

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